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Don’t Leave Easy MIPS Money on the Table

If you don’t send in any 2017 data, then you receive a negative 4% payment adjustment.
- CMS Quality Payment Program


Because this is a transition year - from PQRS, Meaningful Use and the Value-Based Modifier to MIPS - CMS eased quality reporting requirements for 2017. To meet requirements for 2017, providers need only submit a single data point per physician by year’s end to qualify.

Ingenious Med can help you meet this requirement quickly and easily so that you don’t toss away 4% per physician for missing this minimal CMS obligation. Our app offers a free CMS-certified MIPS registry to anyone with a license. By purchasing Ingenious Med now for your providers, you can meet this simple MIPS requirement well before year’s end. Not to mention, you will be in good standing for 2018 and beyond – as incentives and penalties are scheduled to increase to 5% next year, 7% in 2019 and 9% in 2020.


Learn More About Ingenious Med
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Compare Our Registry to Claims Filings
Ingenious Med Claims Filing
  • 100% submission success rate    
  • Performance reported upon submission to CMS (in January)
  • Answers can be edited up to annual submission
  • Data submitted directly to CMS
  • < 50% success rate nationwide
  • 10-11 month delay in CMS notification
  • No editing once submitted at time of claim
  • Data potentially lost in the “sea of claims”


As part of your purchase, we can help you choose your measures, implement the application, train you and assist you in submitting your data to CMS. Join us for our upcoming webinar to find out more on how we can help you be successful with current and future quality reporting.

Our Record of Success with Quality Reporting
Ingenious Med has more than 7 years of successful experience in quality measures reporting. Make your MIPS reporting simple and more effective by leveraging Ingenious Med’s in-application registry and avoid the delay and low success rate of claims-based filing.


Value beyond Quality Measures Reporting
Quality measures capabilities, however, are only part of the story. With more than 17 years’ experience, Ingenious Med has captured more than 150 million charges across 80% of the country’s largest health systems and physician management companies. Our solution provides charge capture and care coordination tools, enabling best practice clinical workflows that:

  • Get you paid what you deserve, increasing revenue per physician FTE by $30,000 a year on average
  • Substantially reduce costs, saving you more than $600 per admission
  • Provide real-time visibility into clinician operations
  • Optimize your EHR investment

* Attendance of the annual webinar is mandatory for all groups planning to participate in the registry (even those who have participated in previous years).

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